Who is Reyes?


Reyes Beard
Founder and Director of Reyes Marketing House

With15 years experience in Marketing & Communications, across various industries, Australia-wide and internationally, there really is not a thing under the wide Marketing umbrella that Reyes hasn't been immersed in. It's this invaluable culmination of experience and exposure that provides the ”knack” to be able to sort the fluff from the good stuff and provide a plan that's all killer, no filler.

Whether you are just starting out, wanting to move onto the next phase or need to refresh, Reyes has the know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

The landscape of Marketing & Communications has changed rapidly, especially with the stronghold of social media. The way people interact with business and the way business is run has also had to adapt to this new age of consumption. The old ways of Marketing are just that; in a climate that turns on a dime, you can be reassured that Reyes has her finger on the pulse to be able to look ahead and provide tangible, modern solutions. 

The Team:

Business is all about relationships and you don’t amass 15 years in the industry without good relationships. Reyes is surrounded by good people, who are masters of their art. From the movers to the shakers, the thinkers and the makers across key industries; we have the connections to bridge the gap. Whether it’s design, fashion, media, beverage, influencers or wordsmiths, our rolodex is open.